“SAVED” Fundraising Site Taken Down by YouCaring.com! 

>>UPDATE 2/21/15<<
To all supporters of SAVED - We received the below message from YouCaring.com.  They HAVE TAKEN DOWN the fundraising page set up for “SAVED”.  We ARE and WILL continue to move forward with this film! Until a new fundraising site is established, please feel free to spread the word that donations via PayPal can be made at TwoCrownProductions.com.

Also they can be sent directly to:
12774 Wisteria Drive Unit 1121,
Germantown, MD 20875


Help Create “SAVED” a Video that Will Save Lives

A group has come together to tell the gripping story of Germantown over the past four years.  A 30 minute broadcast quality video production, entitled "SAVED” is being created.  This documentary is about the late-term abortions occurring in Germantown and the fruit of the community’s faithful response.  Your help is needed to make this video a reality so it can shared far and wide.  Please watch the video trailers below.

“SAVED” Trailer 2

“SAVED” Trailer 1


With your help “SAVED” will show the many different aspects of the ecumenical response by the Body of Christ that has led to changed lives and saved children. The goal is that others will learn about what has happened in Germantown and be inspired to step out in faith themselves, as God calls them to stand for life in their own neighborhoods.

This is a project of major importance for the entire the pro-life movement the world over….its completion and distribution WILL SAVE LIVES.  Please support it in any way you can, by your donation, by sharing it on Facebook, in your churches, however you can.  THANK YOU!!



"One day this week during my hour on Wisteria Drive in Germantown MD for the 40 Days for Life vigil, a high school student stopped to tell me that what we do is good work and that makes it a difference.  Since he had seen us out there, he knew to refer his sister to us when she was considering an abortion. He was leaving school early that day because his sister had gone into labor with her son, Gabriel Isaiah! Praise God that our consistent pro-life presence out there impressed a young man and rescued an unborn child! What a great encouragement to all of us who come to Wisteria to pray and witness for life!"


Here is ANOTHER STORY from a 40 Days For Life church coordinator about their experience recently on Wisteria Drive while praying with members of a youth group.  Yet another powerful example of how God is using your presence on the sidewalk to save lives.

“Praise God! The prayers of those young people blew me away! And then a lovely lady stopped by and gave the Youth group a set of T-shirts with the sonogram of an unborn child and told the youth group they were angels for being on the sidewalk. And she told them that a sign-carrying angel had caused her to reflect on her decision to have an abortion, and had caused her to CHANGE HER MIND. She now has a lovely three year old child. It was a very powerful message for me and the group to hear." 

Not only did their presence on the sidewalk 3 years ago save a life, the mother is now involved in pro-life work and is being a voice for the unborn. 

Say hello to ‘Javier Jesus’, born Wednesday August 20th.


After receiving a poor pre-natal diagnosis that would have lead to an almost certain death shortly after his birth, this little boy’s parents came to Carhart in Germantown at 28 weeks pregnant.  After talking with the side-walk counselors the parents went to a specialist who also brought to them the same diagnosis.  Courageously choosing to bring their son into the world instead of aborting him, his parents were expecting the worst. But God had other plans. Javier Jesus only needed minor abdominal surgery and he will be fine and healthy. No explanation except for God's direct intervention. Your prayers are being heard! The Mom is doing fine and both parents are extremely grateful.



Wednesday July 2nd, at 11:59AM the FOURTH Carhart patient in the past 17 MONTHS is taken to the hospital by ambulance from his clinic in Germantown, Maryland.   


Minutes later a SECOND ambulance arrives with a Paramedic rushing inside the first ambulance.  



3rd Woman in 13 Months Taken from Germantown Clinic to Local Hospital by Ambulance

Germantown, MD (Operation Rescue) – After little sleep and a heavy patient load, LeRoy Carhart sent another abortion patient to the hospital on March 4, 2014 for treatment of apparently life-threatening complications.

An ambulance arrived at about 4:00 p.m. in response for a call for emergency assistance. It transported a female patient to a local hospital. Carhart was not seen with his patient during the incident.

Due to a snowstorm, Carhart was unable to see women scheduled for multi-day late-term abortions as usual on Sunday. Carhart was seen by witnesses at the Germantown Reproductive Health Services abortion clinic between 5:00 and 11:00 p.m. on Monday then was back at the clinic 9:45 a.m. Tuesday morning where at least 16 abortion patients were seen.

March 4, 2014 − 3rd Carhart patient taken by ambulance to hospital

November 26, 2013 − 2nd Carhart patient taken by ambulance to hospital

July 9, 2013 − 1st Carhart patient taken by ambulance to hospital

February 7, 2013 - Jennifer Morbelli dies at local hospital after 33-week Carhart abortion

“It appears that Carhart was once again conducting surgeries on women in a fatigued state, as he is known to do. He brags of never taking a day off. At the age of 72, we believe he is endangering women with his irresponsible behavior, and this latest medical emergency in Germantown is more evidence of that,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

As far back as 1993, Carhart was ordered by the Nebraska Attorney General to stop “interrupting or delaying a surgical procedure including abortion due to or as a result of his exhaustion or fatigue.”

Medical emergencies at Carhart’s abortion facilities in Maryland and in Bellevue, Nebraska, have become more frequent in recent months, leading to concerns that he is unfit to continue practicing medicine.

Operation Rescue is in the process of filing a complaint with the Maryland Board of Physicians demanding an emergency suspension of Carhart’s medical license pending a full investigation into the recent rash of abortion injuries.

SOURCE: Operation Rescue


YES your presence in Germantown DOES makes a difference...Consider this!!

"While praying on Wisteria Drive during the 40 Days for Life Campaign, all of a sudden a young woman stood in front of us and simply said, "I just stopped by to say thank you for all you're doing." I hadn't seen her, but she had been driving by and pulled into the parking lot. (By the way, it was pouring!).

We then heard her story: She is a single mom with 4 children, and is 5 months pregnant with her 5th child. This past January, 2014 she had an appointment at Carhart's for an abortion on a Monday morning. The Friday (or Saturday) night before, she had driven by on Wisteria and she saw about 10 - 15 people holding signs and praying. At that point, she decided she could not go through with the abortion and cancelled her appointment.

This was a powerful testimony to me that the Lord is using our presence to save lives even if we never talk directly to anyone. Only God knows how many others have changed their minds just because we are here in Germantown."

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